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The financial hardship letter sample here explains the reasons why a lender has become late on their mortgage payments and why a loan modification would be mutually beneficial. Use this template to write your own hardship letter and you will have a great chance at getting a loan modification approved.Your hardship letter should be accompanied by documentation that supports the difficult financial situation you are going through. There are several important factors to remember when writing your hardship letter.

 Hardship Letter Sample

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1. Keep it to the point 1-2 pages maximum

2. Make sure your letter is clear and to the point

3. The letter must be informative and clearly state your

4. Show proof, it is important that your lender be able to see with certainty the financial trouble you are in

Hardship Letter Sample #1

Creditor Name
Phone Number

RE: Hardship Letter for (address of home)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently experiencing a financial hardship because of(explain your hardship here: business failure, medical bills, loss of job, death etc)

Due to my (decreased income or increased expenses) which started (date) I am not able to meet my payments for my original loan.

For your convenience I have included some paperwork which will substantiate my current situation.


  • Proof of Income

  • Late Notices

  • Bank Statements

  • Medical Bills

  • Tax Forms

(include any paperwork that will help substantiate your situation)

I understand my responsibility to repay my loan and have been a loyal customer to (your lenders name) for (length of time you have been with the institution) I am asking for a loan modification. Specifically, I would like to lower my monthly payments to (calculated amount) which is 31% of my gross income. (alternatively you could ask for a short sale agreement, loan extension, fee forgiveness etc)

I am certain my financial hardship will only be temporary. In fact I have taken the extra steps of (getting a second job, reducing my monthly cable/phone/internet bill) and am confident with a mortgage modification I will be able to make my monthly payments on time every time.

Please contact me with any questions at your earliest convenience; (phone number).

Thank you for your time.


your name


phone #

List of Possible Hardships

  • Failure of a business
  • Military service
  • Incarceration
  • Job relocation
  • Problems with the property
  • Inability to sell
  • Medical bills or prolonged illness
  • Death of the mortgagor
  • Inability to rent
  • Victim of fraud
  • Payment dispute
  • Unemployment
  • Reduction of income
  • Divorce or separation
  • Payment increase on Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • Death of spouse or family member

For more information about how to write hardship letters look at the best and most complete guide to hardship letters

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